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Underestimated - 1
“Makin’ My Way”
“Bulbasaur, Tackle! Then use your Vine Whip to keep it still!”
The small Pokemon rammed into its opponent — a Rattata — and then pinned it to the ground with a pair of thick, green vines. Smiling, she took an empty pokeball from her belt and tossed it at Rattata. The mouse Pokemon disappeared in a flash of red light. The ball wiggled once, wiggled twice, and...

Daytona Wyatt sat bolt upright in bed, uttering a slight scream as her dream was interrupted by her father’s Electabuzz. The electric Pokemon had sent a weak surge of electricity through the ten year old to wake her, as she was in danger of oversleeping.
This was one day she could not afford to sleep in.
“Electabuzz!” Daytona screeched, then realized why he was in her room. According to the clock on her bedside table, she had approximately three minutes to make it to Professor Oak’s laboratory to get her starter Po
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My Hands
‘Friday nights without Dani and Val are so boring,’ thought Ryan Evans, tossing a stress ball up in the air aimlessly. ‘They’ve constantly got dates, now... I am in desperate need of male friends.’
The male Evans twin was confined to his dorm room, hanging upside down off the edge of the couch, and to say that he was restless would be an understatement. His best friends, Danielle Lawrencia and Valeria Locke, were out on the town for the night with their respective male admirers... Again. For the third Friday night in a row. That didn’t even include weeknights.
Ryan found himself in his dorm room a lot, lately.
As if cued by the blond’s wish for male friends, his roommate burst through the door. Zack Bedingfield carried a large plastic bag in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, thus he had to kick the door gently to close it. Catching sight of Ryan on the couch, he scoffed.
“Okay, Ryan, you have got to quit moping around here
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This Side of Paradise - 3
Mina stared at the Pokemon that just surfaced from the sea with wide eyes and gaping mouth.
"Candace, that definitely isn't a Magikarp. Come to think of it, what the crap is it?"
Beach inhabitants near the two girls turned their heads yet again, their interest in what the new trainers were doing too much to look away from.
"It's a Staryu!"
"Ehh?" Mina looked around at the bystanders whispering to each other about the luck that the blonde girl caught a Staryu within her first hour of fishing. "A Staryu? Its name certainly fits, don't you think Candace? Just the 'star'-part, not the 'yu'," the seventeen year old mused, her finger tapping her chin while she surveyed the wild Pokemon. "Come to think of it, what is a 'yu'? Is that even a real word?"
Candace just stared at her catch as well, blinking at the star-shaped Pokemon before responding.
"Mina, there is no such thing as a 'yu'. Unless you mean the word 'you'. In which case, you are a retard," the blonde giggled, then pulled Mareep's
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Ryan's Closet Misadventure
“So, the bartender asks the blondes why they’re so happy about completing a jigsaw puzzle in six months. One says, ‘Well, the box says four to six years!’ Isn’t that hilarious? No offense, of course, Ryan. You know we love you, even if you can’t do jigsaw puzzles.”
Ryan Evans waved off his friend’s joke, resorting to sticking his tongue out at the redhead instead of replying. It was not the most mature thing to do, true enough, but it would get his point across.
The blond currently inhabited the dorm room of his two best friends, Danielle Lawrencia and Valeria Locke. Their traditional movie night had ended rather late - the digital clock atop the television read ‘11:56’ in glowing red letters - thus, he was tired and in no mood to be made fun of.
He decided that Danielle was infinitely nicer due to her lack of blond jokes.
“It’s late... I should probably get going,” Ryan said, standing up from his place on the couch.
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I Promise
“Dani, Dani, Dani, where did I put my black dress?! You know, the one that’s backless? I can’t find it anywhere!”
“I don’t know, but I can’t find my yellow dress either!”
“Oh my god, this is going to be a disaster!”
“Wait, I found your black dress! Catch!”
Ryan Evans ducked just in time to avoid a bundle of black fabric as it flew through the limited space between the closets of his best friends. The girl who had thrown the dress, Danielle Lawrencia, immediately returned to rummaging through her closet without so much as acknowledging Ryan’s presence. The latina was clad in a bathrobe, having recently showered after a dance rehearsal. Judging by this and what he had heard, Ryan guessed she was fretting over what to wear. This confused him, though no more so than a few other questions that had been nagging at his mind since he had entered the girls’ dorm room.
Like why the HELL “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlak
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This Side of Paradise - 2
“Wow, that was insane,” Candace grumbled. “All those Pokemon, and I didn’t think to bring any empty pokeballs to catch them with. On top of that, I get my butt handed to me not once, not twice, but three times!”
To say that she was in a bad mood would be an understatement.
Candace and Mina had made it to Lilycove City, though the trip had been not been a smooth one. Not only had the girls run into numerous wild Pokemon on their way from Mauville to Slateport, but they had encountered a few other trainers as well. Candace had been challenged to – and lost – three battles. Due to this, quite a few stops at the Slateport Pokemon Center had been made, resulting in the two girls almost missing the SS Tidal.
“Tell me about it! I mean, I thought that three pokeballs wouldn’t fail me – and what happens?” Mina complained as they walked the crowded streets of the large city, “A stupid Pichu crawls in my bag and takes them all! I didn
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Bring it on Home
Ryan Evans was not in a good mood.
To start the day off, he had been woken up at four in the morning by his roommate, Zack - who, unfortunately, was an avid gamer - shouting obscenities at some Xbox game. This persisted until six-thirty, at which point Ryan had no choice but to get up. It was just as well, really, since he had a class at eight. He needed to catch up on some required reading, anyway. However, when the microwave had chosen to catch his chocolate chip poptarts on fire, he knew that it would not be a good day.
Later on, his phone had vibrated from inside his pocket countless times during a dance rehearsal, effectively causing him to misstep. During a break, he had checked his missed calls to see that Sharpay had been the constant caller. This worried him, considering that Sharpay usually called a maximum of three times and then left a voicemail if she just wanted to talk. If she called more than that, something had to be wrong. What was even worse was that there was
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This Side of Paradise - 1
Mina stood in the bright sunlight in Mauville City, her hand on her forehead to block out its bright rays. A huge smile spread across the red-head’s face when she caught a glimpse of her best friend’s blonde hair running towards her.
“Candace, Candace! Oh my gosh, we’re off to see the world! Aren’t you excited beyond everything?!”
Her words spewed out of her mouth quickly and the happy look on her face didn’t vanish as the energetic girl began to jump up and down from her hardly-contained excitement. When the blonde hair reached Mina, the girl attached to it seemed just as enthusiastic.
“Oh my god, I know, this is absolutely amazing! You have to see my Pokemon, he’s adorable!” Candace gushed, doubling over with her hands on her knees as she quickly regained her breath. The sixteen year old had just run all the way from her house to the center of the city without pause.
Candace reached toward her belt, stopping when her hand brushed acro
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The softly lit banquet hall was filled with quiet, polite chatter. Officials from all over the region had gathered for the formal dinner in honor of their new champion, but one in particular was partaking in the festivities halfheartedly. One mind was not fully at ease.
Time is going to take my mind,
And carry it far away, where I can fly.

She had defeated him. It had been a close match, but eventually she had prevailed. She had taken the title of champion from him, a feat that none had been able to accomplish over numerous years, though many had tried.
What was surprising, though, was the extent to which his feelings for her had numbed the initial blow to his pride. In fact, his feelings for her had grown so much that it had thrown him quite off balance.
Which was why he needed to leave, no matter how difficult it would be to do so.
The depth of life will dim my temptation to live for you.
If I were to be alone, silence would rock my tears.

As the former champion, he had
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The Podium
Once upon an afternoon dreary, while I marched, weak and weary,
Over many a yard line painted faintly on the practice field floor,
From set to set, thoroughly worn out, suddenly there came a shout,
And one hundred heads wheeled about, about the band directors four.
"Take a water break," said one, "then the whistle you shall listen for -
        We will run this set once more."
Ah, distinctly I can specify, it was the twenty-seventh of July,
That podium stood four feet high and strong enough for the drum major it bore.
Three friends began to tire; vainly they had sought to acquire
Relief from the agony of flesh on fire, fire which they could not ignore,
The podium's promise of comfort and shade they could not ignore,
        And the rest is history here forevermore.
The uncertain creaking of the podium with each boy's added weight
Chilled me—filled me with a hysterical terror never felt before;
So that
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You Can
If she were to be completely honest, she would admit that he had captivated her from the very beginning.
From the moment she joined the company in their journey out of desire for a little adventure and a fresh start, she had found herself inexplicably drawn to him. She would never have guessed that he was the new beginning she had been seeking.
Take me where I’ve never been.
Help me on my feet again.

The first night the group had stopped to rest, she had slipped away to observe him more closely. While doing so, she overhead him say to the dwarf that he did not think her to be completely trustworthy - a notion had even entered his mind that she might be a spy for the enemy. Instead of furious, she had found herself strangely crestfallen. Yet, there had to be a way to gain his trust, and she would do so in time.
Show me that good things come to those who wait.
The excursion had continued on for the next few days in the same fashion, and it appeared to her that his view
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Thank You
She saved my life.
I had never been quite so taken aback in my long life. Despite that we had been separated for over a century on less than civil terms and that I had turned a deaf ear to her sincere apology for hurting me, she had risked her life for mine. I could hardly fathom why she had done it.
I was even more shocked, upon waking in a private room of the healers’ wards, to find that she occupied the lone bed next to mine. Panic seized me - in my final memories of the catastrophic battle, she had sounded fine.
At first glance, she appeared to be unharmed, though the thin dressing gown that all invalids in the ward wore would suggest otherwise. Closer examination revealed several dark bruises on her arms. I stared, horrified, as I noticed that the violet blotches marred nearly every visible bit of her fair skin. There was even one solitary bruise on her face, in - and the realization infuriated me at whoever had inflicted the discoloration - the form of a hand print across he
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Are You Happy Now?
He couldn't believe it. He simply couldn't believe his eyes. It seemed ridiculous that, after over a hundred years, she was in Lorien once again... But she was. She was standing right in front of him, eyes kept hard on the ground. She was in the company of ten others, eight of whom made up a company set out from Rivendell quite some time previous. Lady Galadriel had foreseen their arrival, but had not warned him as to the other two - or her.
Now, don't just walk away,
Pretending everything is okay,
And you don't care about me.

She seemed particularly careful to avoid him, he noticed. This irked him, as he thought back to the way she left so abruptly... Though when he finally did catch her eye, as he was leading the company to Caras Galadhon, he noticed how vulnerable she looked. He stared back at her coldly, trying to send the message in his steely gaze that she had no one but herself to blame.
And I know it's just no use,
When all your lies become your truths,
And I don't ca
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All These Lives - 2
     Kelsi’s fingers flew over the piano keys and the melody came out as a smooth moderato, echoing throughout the auditorium. Valeria sat in a folding chair beside the composer, humming in time with the music. The two had been working on the songs for the musical for five days now, and had made quite a bit of progress. Valeria had written the lyrics for three songs already, and Kelsi was now putting music to one of her new friend’s creations.
     Usually, Ms. Darbus would give Kelsi a copy of the script so she could compose the songs as she saw fit. This time, however, the drama teacher was keeping the script unusually secret and refused to give any hints about it, even to Kelsi and Valeria. She simply wrote out all the situations that called for songs, and gave them to the two girls to struggle with.
     At the end of the song, Valeria frowned a little, “I dunno. It still seems a little fast,
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When I Get There - 1
     “New Beginnings”
     “Promise me, when we get to Hoenn, we’ll take it easy for a while.”
     “Only if you promise me things won’t change.”
     “What do you mean?”
     “Please, just promise.”
     Seventeen year old Paige Johnson frowned at her friend’s demand, but nodded her assent, and pulled her sunglasses down over her eyes. She leaned back in her chaise - truth be told, all she wanted to do was relax. They had been battling nonstop for two years now; was she the only one who thought a break was in order? If the look on Diana’s face was any indication, apparently so.
     Diana James had always been committed. Not in the overtly pushy way, but she did have a quiet determination about her that Paige simply didn’t understand. Once
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Motherly Instincts
Blue eyes followed the tiny bundle as it was passed around from person to person, her entire body tense, ready to spring if the need to protect arose. Joey's arm was wrapped around her middle -- an attempt to both comfort and ease, she knew -- but she would have no problem lurching away if she needed to.
She had always known she was possessive, protective. Hadn't she always been that way with Joey? How many dirty looks had she cast women who had cast their eyes on her man? How many times had he teased her about the possibility of his kitten starting a catfight? Yes, she was protective. But she had never imagined she could be this much so.
Apparently it was a thing with first time mothers. It had to be. Kiyama had never fully realized what being a mother would mean. How it would feel. Not until that moment when she held her baby girl for the first time. And in that instant, everything changed. Yes, she was still uncertain. And yes, she was still afraid. But she knew that she would devot
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Holy freaking crap, it's been two years since I've posted a journal...? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. Pretty sure all my watchers are gone, ha. I've been sorely neglecting dA for far too long, and I'll totally try to remedy this in the near future. My muse is a fickle little thing, though... but hopefully it'll focus long enough for me to get some things written and posted.

Weeeell, to briefly catch up... I graduated back in 2010...? I'm nineteen now and will be starting my second year of college in August. (And I've totally been wasting my summer being a bum and doing absolutely nothing, and I'm pretty much okay with that.) I'm majoring in Electronic Media Production. Woo...? But on to more interesting things.

As far as writing goes, I've sort of been lazy and uninspired...? I was determined to attempt NaNoWriMo last year, but that didn't work out. College got in the way, and unfortunately I had a bit of a falling out with the person who was my inspiration/muse for the novel I was going to work on... All I've done since November is a Yu-Gi-Oh rp with one of my besties, and we're totally insane because it's now 1,090 pages long. At a size nine font. Wuuut. So yeah, all my focus has been on that. I've got three different oneshots relating to it started, though, so maybe I'll finish them up and post them...? In the meantime, any interested YGO fans should totally go check out Kitty17794's gallery for artsies related to our rp. Just because. :P

My inbox here on dA is rather daunting. 1,438 messages, jeeeez. I'm thinking that's an endeavor for another day. Ciao!

All I can say is things didn't go as I planned;
Seems every day I'm learning it's out of my hands,
And coming to terms is harder than ever before
When you would give anything to know what all of this is for.
Well, there are things that I cannot change, now,
But these are strings that I will untangle...


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